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  1. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Aug 25, 2015

    Quote by SaitoHajime101As much as the recommendation is appreciated, the issue I have is it was suppose to be a postcard-like wallpaper with a minimalistic concept. Adding more and more to it just takes away from the original idea. I have no qualms with adding more but then the new colors and/or items would make the trees look out of place. I'm not as skilled enough to figure this one out.

    I've been in the process of fixing the trees, however due to work and personal circumstances, I don't have the time during the week for it. I usually work on this stuff over the weekend. So I guess if you need to delete it, then go for it. I'll reupload whenever I get it fixed.

    Despite my reservations about the fact there's even an "unwritten rule" amongst other things, I'll add my name to it when I finish up.

    I very much appreciate the feedback and thanks for the support.

    Ah, I see. For the record, we don't delete wallpapers just because they lack a signature - that would be silly. It's a recommendation based on the fact that several MT users have had their works stolen and reuploaded on other sites, and were able to have them taken down from there based on their signature.

    Honestly, the only real issue with your wall was the quality of the trees in the background. Otherwise it really does look like a postcard, and I can understand the effect you were going for (which fits). The colors were more of a personal recommendation, not a "do this or it'll be deleted". I'll leave your wall up until you have a chance to edit it, provided it doesn't take more than a week :)

  2. Alenas Retired Moderator Aug 23, 2015

    Quote by SaitoHajime101 Much appreciated for the feedback!

    I'm currently working on the tree to eliminate the pixilation. Unfortunately, its going to take a while which sucks.

    The only part I'm baffled about is the "Signature". No where in the policy does it state a signature is required nor does it say it on the "Submit Wallpaper" page. If there is a section where it does say it, please let me know cause its very possible I missed it.

    I am afraid the TOS hasn't been updated in quite a while so some things have inadvertently been left out. But, some of our members and best wallers have worked on very extensive and detailed Wallpaper guides. You can check them out HERE and HERE. Signatures are important parts of wallpapers for reasons stated there, among other things.

    Hope that helps!

    P.S.: when replying to someone's comment, use the 'Quote in Guestbook' option. Using just 'Quote' makes you comment on your own work or forum thread and others aren't notified about it.

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